Performance advantages of Combined mobile crushing plant

Combined mobile crushing plant, integrated complete unit, reduces the requirements of separate components on site infrastructure and the difficulty of installation of auxiliary facilities, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs. It can crush the material on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thus greatly reducing the material transportation cost. It really provides customers with hardware facilities for low-cost project operation.

Performance advantages of combined mobile crushing plant
Performance advantages of combined mobile crushing plant

Combined mobile crushing plant, mainly consists of cone crusher, jaw crusher, high performance vibrating screen, belt machine, motor box and control box. The combined operation of each model can crush the materials on site, and the finished products after crushing and screening can directly meet the requirements of customers, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials. Configuration can be changed at will, the machine is equipped with independent power generation system, the quality and reliability performance is stable.

Combined mobile crushing plant, when used, the material is evenly transported to the crusher by the feeder, and after the initial crushing by the crusher, it forms a closed circuit system through the circular vibrating screen to realize the cycle crushing of the material, and the finished material is output by the conveyor for continuous crushing operation. The jaw mobile crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs to realize the preliminary crushing of materials directly, and it is easy and flexible to operate with other crushing equipment.

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