The crawler mobile crusher appeared on the lead-zinc mine production site

Lead-zinc ore is an important industrial raw material and is widely resourced in Greenland. A large area of Greenland is covered with ice and snow. In order to better serve customers, we went to the local reconnaissance environment, and we found that the crawler mobile crusher appeared on the lead-zinc mine production site.

Crawler Mobile Crusher
The crawler mobile crusher appeared on the lead-zinc mine production site

The production of lead-zinc ore generally includes three processes: ore crushing, ore grinding and beneficiation. In the ore crushing process, the jaw crusher is generally used for preliminary crushing, then the cone crusher, and finally the crawler mobile crusher. At this time, the ultrafine lead-zinc ore is obtained. Then you can enter the second process of lead-zinc ore production. The qualified lead-zinc powder is screened out by the vibrating screen, and transported to the cylindrical ball mill. After continuous grinding, lead-zinc ore powder below 0.075mm is obtained. Finally, entering the high-strength beneficiation process, the magnetic separator removes the impurities in the lead-zinc ore powder through a certain magnetic force, and completes the entire process of lead-zinc ore production.

In the cold Greenland, the appearance of crawler mobile crushers is also what we can imagine. Because the crawler-type mobile crusher is equipped with a low-temperature preheating device, it can start quickly even in an environment of -25 ° C. The use of a boat-shaped steel chassis increases the power of the motor, and it can also move freely in mountainous areas, swamps and other terrains. The mobile crusher also adopts the servo system, which can realize the speed change conveniently according to the terrain.

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