11T per hour LM130M Vertical Grinding Mill

Capacidad 30T por hora LM130M Molinos verticales
Capacidad 30T por hora LM130M Molinos verticales



Whole machine weight: 46T

Size (mm): 3500×3400×5800

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Discharge particle size: R0.08(<15%)

Feed size: <38mm

Material: slag, water slag, furnace slag, steel slag, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Disc diameter (mm): 1300
  • Coal powder moisture: <1%
  • Input moisture:<15%
  • Inlet air temperature (℃): <350
  • Outlet air temperature(℃):75-95

Related Cases:

Recommended grinding mill for coal powder output 11T/H

We recommend Henan LBY Heavy Industry’s LM130M, MTW110, MTW110Z, 5X118, TGM100, MW1680, LUM1125X and T130X. These 8 types of mills can meet the production capacity of 11T/H of pulverized coal, different sizes, feed size and discharge size are different. If you want to know the detailed parameters of the products, please leave a message to ask.

Related Equipment:

Colombia and Indonesia are known as the world’s leading coal mining countries. Recently, the metallurgical industry in Colombia needs a large amount of anthracite coal, and ordered an MTW110Z from Henan LBY Heavy Industry. This MTW110Z is more than 20% smaller than the traditional MTW110, and the weight of the whole machine is 3T less, which is very convenient for transportation. The MTW110Z is more than 20% smaller than the traditional MTW110 and weighs 3T less, making it very easy to transport. Colombia was very impressed with the MTW110Z during the later operation and highly recommends it.

Product Description:

Henan LBY Heavy Industry’s R&D department recommended the LM130M mill for Indonesia, where large quantities of coal dust are used in industries such as lime calcination and nickel-iron ore purification.LM130M is a mill specially designed for coal powder preparation, with output between 10-15T/H, feed size not exceeding 38mm, and finished product size satisfying R0.08 (<15%). LM130M size (mm) 3500×3400×5800, and the weight of the whole machine is 46T.LM130M is 31T heavier than MTW110Z, but LM130M is an all-round grinding mill integrating crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying, which is both energy-saving and efficient.Indonesia country after many comparisons, finally chose the LM130M, the later work, but also praised the LM130M sturdy and reliable not easy to break.

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The main push LM130M and MTW110Z, the rest optional MTW110, 5X118, TGM100, MW1680, LUM1125X and T130X. if you want to know more about the knowledge, welcome to leave a message your questions, we will design a reasonable program according to your needs, look forward to your message, thank you for watching, wish you a happy life.