HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher for iron ore

Mexico is rich in iron ore resources, which is a rich ore of iron monomers and iron complexes. Mining these iron ores, after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election and other procedures, can be processed into the iron we need. HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher has excellent effect on the processing of iron ore.

HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher is a world-class product developed by Henan LBY Heavy Industry by introducing high-end technology. It not only improves productivity and work efficiency, but also crushes a variety of materials to achieve one machine to meet multiple needs.

HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher for iron ore
HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher for iron ore

The new HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher upgraded by Henan LBY Heavy Industry on the basis of the original one, the efficiency is increased by 5%-15%, the capacity is increased by 35%-60%, while the capacity and efficiency are increased, the hydraulic cone system can also have a good protection for the machine bearing.

At present, because of many points such as high efficiency, less spare parts, low running price and the machine itself is not easy to be damaged, it makes HPT hydraulic gyratory crusher become the choice of more and more customers. We have excellent transportation and service team with different transportation and solutions facing each region.

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