Energy saving TGM130 Trapezium Mill price

Energy saving TGM130 Trapezium Mill price
Energy saving TGM130 Trapezium Mill price

Model: TGM130

Price: $12556, negotiable

Whole machine weight:26.1T

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Size (mm): 8800×7500×9700

Feed size (mm): <30

Finished particle size: 10-400 mesh

Materials: bentonite, calcium carbonate, limestone, gypsum, talc, pyrochlore, quartzite, barite, dolomite, calcite, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Host power (KW): 75
  • Classifier power (KW): 7.5
  • Bucket elevator power (KW): 3
  • Blower power (KW): 75

Ancillary equipment:

–Jaw Crusher–

  • Model:PE250×400
  • Power(KW):15

— Feeder–

  • Model:GZ3F
  • Power(W):0.2

Product Description:

TGM130 is one of the TGM series super-pressure trapezium mills, with a maximum output of 13T/H and a wide range of granularity options from 10 mesh to 400 mesh. If you have any needs in this area in the near future, welcome to talk with us!

Product Advantages:

TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill Bid for a Calcite Powder Making Project
TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill Bid for a Calcite Powder Making Project
  • When the grinding rollers and grinding rings of TGM130 start to wear out, the constant grinding pressure of the grinding rollers and grinding rings can be kept constant by adjusting the length of the high pressure spring, and this technology effectively ensures the stability of output and fineness.
  • The TGM130 powder separator adopts high precision impeller device, and the fineness of finished products from 10 to 400 mesh can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of customers for different purposes.
  • TGM130 adopts soft connection between the main machine and the powder separator, which can reduce noise pollution and avoid resonance between the main machine and the powder separator.
  • The TGM130 uses balanced pressurized spring to avoid the damage to the main shaft and bearings caused by the large pieces of materials entering the grinding chamber, thus effectively prolonging the service life.
  • The grinding rollers and grinding rings of TGM130 adopt multi-stage stepped design, which slows down the falling speed of materials, so that the materials can be ground evenly and effectively improve the output and fineness of finished products.

Company Profile:

Founded in 1987, LBY has absorbed thousands of excellent technical employees, expanded six industrial parks, and has 1.2 million industrial chain production bases with 689 sets of process equipment by 2022, each set of product’s has intellectual property management system certification, quality management system certification, EU CE certification and customs union CU-TR certification. Not only that, we have also won honorary certificates such as the director unit of China Manufacturing Association, executive director unit of China Sand and Gravel Association, national green factory, sand and gravel backbone enterprise and brand enterprise of China crusher industry. Choose our company’s products, we will bring you an unparalleled quality experience.

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Indonesia dolomite powder making project

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Application industry:Plastic industry

Equipment:TGM130 trapezium mill

Processing material:Dolomite


Feed size: 25mm

Finished product size: 300 mesh

Indonesian dolomite powder manufacturer cooperates with many dolomite related finished products selling companies, the required dolomite powder size is different, from 100 mesh to 400 mesh demand is more extensive, so they choose TGM130 trapezium mill, convenient to adjust the required finished product size at any time. The Indonesian dolomite powder making company said in the later use process that the size of the finished products ground by TGM130 is very flexible and easy to adjust.

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TGM130 adopts patented technologies such as trapezoidal working surface, linkage pressure boosting of grinding rollers and flexible connection, which is a new type of superfine powder equipment with energy saving, high efficiency and high output. If you are interested in TGM130, welcome to leave your message in the comment section, we will answer all your questions, look forward to your message, thank you for watching, and wish you a happy life!