Planta Molino trapezoidal TGM100 de piedra caliza

Planta Molino trapezoidal TGM100 de piedra caliza
Planta Molino trapezoidal TGM100 de piedra caliza



Whole machine weight:16T

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Size L×H×W(mm):7300×7160×8300

Feed size:25mm

Finished particle size: 10-400 mesh

Material: talc, bentonite, barite, dolomite, calcium carbonate, calcite, limestone, pyrophyllite, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Main flying speed (rpm): 1480
  • Main mill power (KW): 37
  • Classifier (KW): 5.5
  • Bucket elevator (KW): 3
  • Blower (KW): 37

–Mill rollers–

  • Quantity: 4
  • Diameter (mm): 310
  • Height (mm): 170

–grinding ring–

  • Diameter (mm): 950
  • Height (mm): 170

Auxiliary equipment:

–Jaw Crusher–

  • Model:PE250
  • Power(KW):15


  • Model:GZ2F
  • Power (W) 0.15

Product Description:

TGM100 can be used in cement, building materials, ceramics, metallurgy, power plant desulfurization, coal, non-metallic minerals and other industries. TGM100 is mainly composed of main machine, powder separator, connecting pipeline, square box bag dust collector, crusher, elevator, feed understanding, electric control cabinet, etc.

Product Advantages:

  • 1.TGM100 grinding rollers and grinding rings adopt multi-step design, which can lengthen the grinding time of materials and improve the fineness and output of finished products.
  • The TGM100 grinding roller assembly adopts balanced pressurized spring, which can effectively avoid the loss of materials to the main shaft and bearings and improve the service life.
  • The main engine and powder selector of TGM100 adopt soft connection to avoid resonance and reduce noise.
  • TGM100 powder selector adopts high precision impeller, which can adjust the fineness of finished products at will to meet different needs of customers.

Honor Certificate:

  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • EU CE certification
  • Russia GOST certification
  • Environmental Management System Certificate
  • TGM100 obtained patent number (Patent No. ZL2005 2 0030288.3)

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Ningxia Zhongwei desulfurization limestone powder preparation European version of the mill production project

  • Processing material: limestone
  • Capacity:8T/H
  • Fineness of finished product:270 mesh

Ningxia is a famous green city, their most important index is to ensure the environment is green and healthy, LBY has been awarded the title of “National Green Factory” in 18 years, which is very suitable for the requirements of Ningxia project, so we reached a friendly cooperation.

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