15T per hour slag vertical grinding mill

15T per hour slag vertical grinding mill
15T per hour slag vertical grinding mill

Model:LM130N vertical grinding mill

Price: around 100,000

Overall machine weight: 46T

Size: 3500×3400×5800

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Discharge size: 80-325 mesh  Feed size: <38mm

Materials: for hard materials, such as slag, etc.

Product Description:

LM130N vertical grinding mill layout is compact and occupies 50% of the floor space of a ball mill; LM130N supports remote control operation, reducing manual consumption.LM130N has high efficiency, the material can be ground directly on the grinding plate, which can save more than 35% energy compared with ball mill; LM130N has less internal repetition, and the product quality is very stable.LM130N has low vibration, low noise and overall sealing, which is very friendly to the environment.

Product parameters-details:
  • Slag moisture: ≤12%
  • Product moisture: ≤1%
  • Host power: 200KW
Product examples:

In Fujian Province, China, a water slag grinding line was built and the Henan LBY Heavy Industry LM130N vertical grinding mill was selected.

  • Processing materials: water slag, gypsum
  • Output requirement: 8-10T/H
  • Feed size:5mm-1cm
  • Discharge size: 400㎡/g, S95
Customer Comments:

Henan LBY Heavy Industry is very dedicated and responsible from the design of the plan to the post installation of the production line. Every process is strictly implemented by their staff according to the national standard, which we think is very good. When the production line started to work, the result was much higher than the planned output, 30% higher than the output of the ball mill, we are very optimistic about him!

After-sales service:
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  • If you have any questions, feel free to call the 24-hour hotline 0086-371-86162511