Raymond Mill for marble in Russia

Marble is a product of nature, because of the influence of the environment and climate, marble will produce different colors, in China, white marble, there is a romantic name: “white jade”, can be used to make statues,Of course, according to the different needs of different regions, the role of marble is different, like Russian marble, it is generally used in the calcium carbonate industry,

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, and marble is ground by relevant equipment to extract a relatively high purity calcium carbonate powder, which can be used in plastics, feed, construction and glass.So how do you grind marble to a powder state before purifying calcium carbonate?Henan LBY Heavy Industry Raymond Mill is here to answer!

Raymond Mill for marble in Russia
Raymond Mill for marble in Russia

Henan LBY Heavy Industry Raymond Mill has 4 main models.Depending on the number and size of the Raymond Mill rolls, each model of Raymond Mill has a different feed size, ranging from 20 to 30 mm,However, the particle size of Raymond Mill is the same, generally 0.8-0.045mm, with a processing capacity of 0.8-9.5t/h,

Raymond Mill’s largest production model has a main engine power of no more than 75KW.Raymond Mill has a small footprint and a relatively durable core with high-performance wear-resistant materials.The drive of the main machine is in closed form, which can maintain stable performance;The Raymond Mill is a reliable grinding machine with less dust and less noise, which is better for the environment.

Raymond Mill for marble is a very successful project,The Russian marble manufacturer found Raymond Mill to be excellent,If you are interested in the Raymond Mill for marble in Russia project, please leave a message and we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

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