MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers

The MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers occupies a large share of the grinding market, and it is also known as MTW European trapezium mill. It adopts a number of patented technologies such as bevel gear integral rotation, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc air duct, etc. The fineness of the discharge is 1.6-0.045mm, the finest can reach 0.038mm, and the maximum capacity can reach 22tph with a weight of 38t. It is often used to process limestone, barite, petroleum coke, bentonite, kaolin, coal, etc.

MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers
MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers

MTW trapezium mill working principle

MTW European version trapezium mill is mainly composed of grinding mill, powder separator, blower, jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, hopper, dust collector, pipeline, powder collector, electric cabinet, motor and so on. When working, the frequency conversion feeder will send the materials into the grinding roller evenly, and the finished products will be sent into the classifier by the airflow of the blower. Under the screening of the analyzer, the materials that meet the fineness requirement will be collected in the cyclone collector with the airflow, and those that do not meet the size requirement will be regrinded in the grinding chamber. The whole working process is under sealed and negative pressure.

MTW Trapezium Mill Technical Parameters

MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers
MTW trapezium mill with 5 roller numbers

MTW Trapezium Mill Advantages

  • The overall bevel gear drive improves the working efficiency
  • Adopt thin oil lubrication system, reduce the maintenance time and prolong the service life
  • Adopt frequency conversion type powder selector to improve the efficiency of powder selection and powder collection
  • Unique air self-circulation system, less dust emission, energy saving and environmental protection

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