Simple and easy to operate HGT gyratory crusher

HGT gyratory crusher is a new type of high-efficiency gyratory crusher launched by our company on the basis of more than 30 years’ experience in R&D and design of crushing products and engineering service of thousands of production lines, combined with modern industry development needs and world advanced crusher technology, and in response to the current demand for large equipment in the global market; its equipment structure and product performance have reached the international excellent level, which is the The HGT series gyratory crusher is a new type of high-efficiency gyratory crusher, which is a super large coarse crushing equipment in domestic and international market.

Simple and easy to operate HGT gyratory crusher
Simple and easy to operate HGT gyratory crusher

HGT gyratory crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies, and is a new type of coarse crushing equipment with high capacity, high efficiency and intelligence, which has higher crushing efficiency, lower operating cost and easy maintenance and adjustment compared with traditional gyratory crusher, and can provide users with more efficient and intelligent coarse crushing solutions with large capacity.

HGT gyratory crusher is mainly composed of crossbeam section, upper and middle frame section, moving cone section, eccentric sleeve section, transmission section and hydraulic cylinder section.

When the machine is in operation, the motor drives the horizontal shaft to rotate, and the horizontal shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the gears, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to make circular oscillation, so as to achieve continuous crushing of the stone.

The size of the discharge opening can be changed by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the moving cone, which is convenient to adjust the product size; meanwhile, the hydraulic cylinder also provides over-iron protection function, when there is an object that cannot be crushed into the crushing chamber, the hydraulic cylinder can automatically make the moving cone fall down to release the object and protect the crusher.

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