New equipment using new technology – 5X centrifugal impact crusher

5X centrifugal impact crusher, nowadays, has become the core equipment in sand making industry and stone shaping field; this series crusher is a new type of crushing machine integrating three crushing modes: extrusion, impact and grinding. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks of different hardness and other high hardness materials. Its performance plays an irreplaceable role in the fine crushing equipment of various ores, and it is the most effective, practical and reliable crushing and sand making equipment.

New equipment using new technology - 5X centrifugal impact crusher
New equipment using new technology – 5X centrifugal impact crusher

The 5X centrifugal impact crusher is made of wear and high temperature resistant materials from USA to build the core components. The bearings of Japan, Sweden and USA are chosen. The rate of selection, low noise, high protection grade motor perimeter guard plate adjustable up and down, improve the material utilization rate, improve the service life of more than 48%. Combination hammer head, only need to replace the worn hammer head, reduce the use of more than 30% of the cost. Adopt diamond-shaped impact block, increase the sub-hammer head, and reduce the chance of damage to the vertical plate.

5X centrifugal impact crusher with optimized design of deep cavity type rotor, which increases the material passing capacity by about 30%. The smooth curved design and launch port reduce the flow resistance of materials and substantially increase the material passing capacity. The main shaft bearing is lubricated by circulation with thin oil station, which can ensure continuous oil supply to the main machine. The top cover is lifted by hydraulic system, which is easy to operate and convenient for daily maintenance.

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