LM vertical mill for lithium ore grinding

Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Lake, with its large reserves of lithium ore, accounts for half of the world’s lithium ore content. With the development of new energy sources, the crushing production of lithium ore has become a top priority. Lithium is the lightest metal in nature and is an important energy metal. Its application in high-energy lithium batteries and controlled thermonuclear reactions makes lithium an important raw material for solving long-term energy supply for human beings. The development of lithium industry and the development of military industry are closely related.

LM vertical grinding mill for lithium ore grinding
LM vertical grinding mill for lithium ore grinding

LM vertical mill, can be used for the final procedure of lithium ore processing. It is a brand new smearing machine combined with the latest grinding technology and our many years of project experience. The equipment integrates crushing, drying, grinding and classifying and conveying in one, with simple system, compact layout, small footprint, and can be arranged in the open air, saving a lot of investment cost. High efficiency: the grinding rollers grind and crush the materials directly on the grinding disc, which reduces energy consumption and running cost. Low wear and tear: The grinding rollers do not come into direct contact with the grinding disc during work, and the grinding rollers and liners are made of wear-resistant material, which has a long service life and less wear. Small vibration and low noise: It is equipped with a limiting device to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and the grinding disc liner, which avoids destructive impact and violent vibration. Good sealing, no pollution: the whole equipment is sealed, the system works under negative pressure, no dust overflow, clean environment, meeting the national environmental protection requirements.

LM vertical mill, which can meet the multiple needs of customers, can be your excellent assistant. For more product information please contact us immediately, we will provide you with the best service.

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