LBY concentrator helps tungsten tailings recycling

If tungsten tailings are not effectively utilized, it will cause waste of resources, pollute the environment, and possibly affect people’s health, so comprehensive utilization of tailings has also been a topic of global concern. Recently, LBY concentrator helps tungsten tailings recycling, and a company in Uzbekistan finally succeeded in recycling tungsten tailings, and after a lot of experimental work, tungsten concentrate was extracted from the tailings for the first time, and it will continue to study the production of export-oriented tungsten products with high added value.

Tungsten tailings are rich in metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals, if recycled reasonably, tungsten concentrate, molybdenum, bismuth, fluorite, quartz, garnet, mica, calcite and other minerals can be extracted, which can be widely used in construction industry, cement industry, microcrystalline glass industry and so on. The remaining tungsten in tungsten tailings usually exists in fine powder or sludge, and it is very difficult to extract tungsten concentrate.LBY concentrator makes a positive response according to the characteristics of tungsten tailings and market demand, the whole machine has compact design, small footprint, strong screening function, which can well screen out the heavy metals in tungsten tailings and avoid soil and river pollution, good efficiency, low energy consumption and cost.

Tungsten tailings have fine particles, most of them are less than 200 mesh, recycling tungsten ore tailings can avoid secondary industrial powder making, which has a great advantage in industries with fine particle size requirements. Now, the market price of tungsten is close to US$40/kg. LBY concentrator helps tungsten tailings recycling, which is expected to produce 100 tons of tungsten per year and create 150 jobs for the local area if used to develop the residue and tailings of Ingichika tungsten mine. The market prospect of tungsten ore tailings is very good and will welcome more investors. If you are interested in LBY concentrator, please leave your message below and we will reply you as soon as we see it.