The “hall of fame” Raymond mill for gypsum in Colombia

Gypsum powder can be used in the cement, construction, paint and food additive industries, and even in medicine,For example, gypsum powder has the functions of clearing heat and fire, relieving headache and stomach heat as well as stopping bleeding. So how to get good quality gypsum powder?What I am going to explain to you today is that in Colombia, known as the “hall of fame” Raymond mill it!

Henan LBY Heavy Industry Raymond mill has a vertical structure and occupies a small area, because of the special features of its production system,He can realize the raw material processing to the finished product packaging independently; Raymond mill parts are fine and cast with high performance wear-resistant materials to improve the overall durability;Raymond mill transmission adopts closed gear box to improve the stability of transmission; Raymond mill electrical system adopts centralized control to support unmanned operation and reduce manpower consumption.

The "hall of fame" Raymond mill for gypsum in Colombia
The “hall of fame” Raymond mill for gypsum in Colombia

Because of the many advantages of Henan LBY Heavy Industry Raymond mill, areas such as Inner Mongolia, China, Jiangyou, Sichuan, China and Guang’an, Sichuan, ChinaAll choose Raymond mill as the plant grinding gypsum equipment, late Inner Mongolia not with Sichuan manufacturers customer evaluation are very good.

Raymond mill met all the indicators as we agreed, the overall simplicity and ease of operation, reasonable and safe layout, we are very satisfied.” — Inner Mongolia, China

“We are a fan of Henan LBY Heavy Industry, we heard a great name in the early days and then started to work together, the first device we worked with was Raymond mill, the later project developed very smoothly and the user experience was very good.” — Sichuan, China

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