MTW-Z European trapezium mill has more reliable performance

MTW-Z European trapezium mill sold by Henan LBY Heavy Industry is a new product developed on the basis of ordinary European mill through the improvement of engineers after years of project experience. It has a more advanced concept and more reliable performance, becoming the product of choice for more customers.

MTW-Z European trapezium mill, with strong power, more accurate bevel gear rotation, the transmission chain to reduce energy loss also relatively reduce the efficiency increase. The main shaft drive system and the fan rotation system both adopt thin oil lubrication, and only need to replace the lubricant once in four months, with long oil change intervals and reduced maintenance frequency. The machine is equipped with a new type of suspended classifier, adjustable discharge size and powder collection efficiency, has obtained a variety of national patents, with the advantages of reliable operational stability. And the machine also meets our company’s green building materials standards, the entire use of the process of lower pollution and less dust.

MTW-Z European trapezium mill
MTW-Z European trapezium mill

The whole system consists of several equipments, such as mill, powder separator, fan, jaw crusher, etc. After the large piece of material is crushed by jaw crusher to the required size, it is sent to the mill for grinding through the elevator buffer hopper. The material is ground between the ring and roll, with the upward movement of airflow, the particles that can’t pass through the separator will be reground, the rest as finished products wake up the phone, and finally the airflow through the separator will enter the blower for recycling, the whole process is in a closed system.

The new features and more reliable performance of the equipment has become the choice of more customers, if you also have equipment needs, please contact us immediately, we will be based on the information you provide to develop a suitable program for you, looking forward to your letter.