Sell plaster MW1680 ring roller mill

Superfine calcium carbonate MW1080 ring roller mill
Superfine calcium carbonate MW1080 ring roller mill

Model: MW1680 ring roller mill

Price: from $13,963, negotiable

Overall machine weight: from 21.9T

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Size (mm): 26300×7500×11900

Feed size (mm): ≤20

Finished particle size: 325-3250 mesh

Material: bentonite, dolomite, calcite, limestone, barite, gypsum, talc, calcium carbonate, quartzite, pyrochlore, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Number of grinding rollers: 30-40
  • Number of grinding ring: 4
  • Power of main machine (KW): 315
  • Separator power (KW): 132
  • Blower power (KW): 200-220

Product Description:

MW1680 ring roller mill is the largest size of MW series ring roller mill, mainly for micro powder customer group, the finished product size is between 325-3250 mesh. MW1680 can be used in calcium carbonate processing, gypsum powder processing, non-metallic mineral processing, coal powder preparation, power plant desulfurization and other industries. If you are interested in MW1680, welcome to click the picture and communicate with us on WhatsAPP.

Product Advantages:

MW ultrafine micro powder mill is widely used
MW ultrafine micro powder mill is widely used
  • MW1680 ring roller mill uses wear-resistant parts with high hardness and uniform composition to effectively reduce wear and increase service life.
  • MW1680 adopts the material layer grinding structure, which can reduce the pollution of materials in the process and ensure the quality of finished products
  • MW1680 can realize self-adjustment and self-adaptation function, which makes the operation more simple.
  • MW1680 integrates powder selection into one (dry sweeping mill type), with higher integration and simpler system process

Company Profile:

LBY was established in 1987, and in these 30 years of accumulation, we have designed and produced 648 sets of products and successfully served more than 17 countries and regions. The equipment produced by heavy industry enterprises always comes with environmental problems, but our company has been awarded the title of national green factory as early as 2019 and is one of the top 200 enterprises of building materials in China. If you are interested in our company, welcome to click the picture to communicate with us on WhatsAPP, we are waiting for your information.

Honor Certificate:

  • Russia GOST Certification
  • Environmental management system certification
  • Advanced Collective for Standardization in Mining Machinery Industry
  • National Green Factory

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Talc for cosmetics MW880 Micro Powder Mill

Application industry:functional putty


Equipment used: MW1680 ring roller mill

Feed size: 15mm

Finished product particle size: 400 mesh

The German gypsum powder manufacturer sells high-end putty powder and needs to grind out a high quality gypsum powder that does not contain too many impurities. Our company recommended the MW1680, and later the German gypsum manufacturer said that the MW1680 was worth buying because of its high output, low wear, low pollution and good operation.

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Each of our products has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and EU CE certification. Our LBY products have successfully served more than 170 countries and regions with over 90% positive feedback in over 30 years of experience, please trust our products. If you are interested in MW1680 ring roller mill, welcome to click the picture and chat with us on WhatsAPP, we will answer all your questions, look forward to your message, thank you for watching and have a nice life!