Most Popular MW1080 ring roller mill

Most Popular MW1080 ring roller mill
Most Popular MW1080 ring roller mil

Model: MW1080

Price: from $13797

Whole machine weight:2.19T

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Size (mm): 22700×36500×8600

Feed size (mm): ≤15

Finished product particle size: 325-2500 mesh

Material: bentonite, dolomite, limestone, calcium carbonate, pyrochlore, gypsum, calcite, barite, talc, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Number of grinding rings (layers): 4
  • Number of grinding rollers (pcs): 28
  • Spindle speed (rpm): 180-200
  • Power of main mill (KW): 132
  • Separator power (KW): 75
  • Power of blower (KW): 110-132

Product Description:

MW1080 is a product designed and developed mainly for ultra-fine powder customer groups, it can be widely used in food additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, paints and other industries. MW1080 has the advantages of low wear, less dust and low noise, it is the best choice for ultra-fine powder users.

Product Advantages:

Talc for cosmetics MW880 Micro Powder Mill

  • MW1080 adopts the only mode, which can realize the product independent adjustment and adaptation, and the operation is very simple.
  • MW1080 adopts multi-roller material layer grinding technology, optimizing the roller grinding curve, making the machine more energy-saving in the process of use
  • MW1080 casting using wear-resistant parts, combined with the principle of material layer grinding technology, not only can reduce the late maintenance time, but also can ensure that the output overrun
  • MW1080 can realize the combination of grinding and powder selection, which can not only reduce the floor space, but also reduce the investment cost, and more can get high quality finished materials

Company Profile:

LBY is a branch of Henan Liming Heavy Industry, with six industrial parks and service areas reaching more than 120 countries. 30 years of technical experience makes our company very thorough in product design, material selection, pre-sales explanation, after-sales service, maintenance and other aspects. If you believe in our company, then your choice is the right one, and we will not fail your choice.

Honor Certificate:

  • 2012 Industry Brand Top 10 Enterprises
  • 2013 Sand and gravel backbone enterprise
  • 2018 Advanced Enterprise of Independent Innovation
  • 2019 International Green Factory
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • EU CE certification
  • Russia GOST Certification
  • HPT Science and Technology Achievement Award

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Dalian Limestone Powder Preparation Project, China

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Talc for cosmetics MW880 Micro Powder Mill


  • Raw material: limestone
  • Capacity:1T/H
  • Feed size:12mm
  • Finished particle size:1200 mesh




China Dalian limestone manufacturer wanted 1200 mesh limestone powder for use in the coating industry, but they were a small company that had just been established and just wanted to experiment and did not want a product with too large a production capacity and too wide a footprint. According to the basic situation of Dalian limestone factory in China, we chose MW1080 ring roller mill for them. It fully satisfies the characteristics of suitable output, no pollution, low consumption, low cost and fine finished powder, which is the best choice for the manufacturer in Dalian, China.

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Since its establishment in 1987, our company has produced 689 sets of process equipment and served more than 170 countries and regions. Chile, Peru, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Spain and other countries are all regular customers of LBY, and the manufacturers who have used our products are very satisfied with the evaluation of our products. If you are interested in MW1080, welcome to leave a message in the comments section, we will answer all your questions, look forward to your message, thank you for watching, wish you a happy life!