Calcium carbonate MTW215Z European Grinding Mill

Calcium carbonate MTW215Z European Grinding Mill
Calcium carbonate MTW215Z European Grinding Mil



Whole machine weight:96T


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Size (L×H×W): 14300×11153×10351 (mm)

Feed size (mm): <50

Finished product particle size: 15-400 mesh

Working parameters-details:

  • Power of main mill (KW): 280
  • Classifier power (KW): 55
  • Blower power (KW): 315
  • Bucket elevator (KW): 11

Auxiliary equipment:

–Hammer Crusher–

  • Model: PC1010
  • Power(KW): 110


  • Model:GZ5F
  • Power(W): 0.65

Product Description:

MTW110Z, MTW138Z, MTW175Z and MTW215Z feed size are 30, 35, 40 and 50mm respectively, and the processing capacity is between 3-50T/H, customers can choose according to their choice.MTW-Z European Version Mill can grind not only calcium carbonate, but also gypsum, kaolin, talc, bituminous coal, anthracite and bentonite.The MTW-Z European Version Mill has also been used in Fujian, Shandong and Liaoning in China, and later customer reviews have indicated that the MTW-Z European Version Mill is very powerful and can exceed capacity requirements while ensuring a green and healthy environment.

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Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer’s Comments on MTW-Z European Version Mill

The calcium carbonate manufacturer said MTW-Z European Version Mill is very reliable, the first booking of machinery and equipment, sales enthusiasm and thoughtful service; in the middle of the installation of equipment, Henan LBY Heavy Industry installation team patience and strong technology; later the operation of the equipment less noise, less pollution, high efficiency and discharge particle size fully meet the requirements.

Company Profile:

Henan LBY Heavy Industry MTW-Z European Version Mill has designed and developed 4 different types, MTW110Z, MTW138Z, MTW175Z and MTW215Z, which have a total weight of 15T, 25.5T, 47T and 96T respectively, and are equipped with different transportation methods according to different weights. Different transportation methods, customers do not have to worry about transportation problems.

Related Equipment:

MTW110Z size (mm) 6186×8041×8640, MTW138Z size (mm) 7262×10010×10010, MTW175Z size (mm) 10171×10023×9916, MTW215Z size (mm) 14300×11153×10351.

They have the same discharge size, all between 15-400 mesh, which can meet the coarse grinding and fine grinding.

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