GOST Certification MTW175Z European grinding mill

MTW175Z European version grinding mill equipment machine
MTW175Z European version grinding mill equipment machine



Machine weight:47T

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Size (mm): 10171×10023×9916

Feed size (mm): <40

Finished particle size: 15-400 mesh

Materials: phosphate ore, bauxite, barite, talc, feldspar, limestone, gypsum, bentonite, lignite, anthracite, bituminous coal, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Power of main mill(KW):160
  • Classifier power(KW):30
  • Power of blower(KW):200
  • Bucket elevator power(KW):4
  • Number of grinding rollers(PCS):4
  • Ring inner diameter(mm):Ф1750
  • Speed of main mill(rpm):83

Auxiliary equipment:

–Jaw Crusher–

  • Model:PE250×750
  • Power (KW): 22


  • Model:GZ4F
  • Power (W): 0.45

Product Description:

MTW175Z system consists of mill, jaw crusher, fan, powder separator, feeder, dust collector, pipeline, motor, etc. MTW175Z is LBY’s patented product, which can replace the traditional Raymond mill and pendulum mill.

Product Advantages:

  • MTW175Z transmission is smooth. Its bevel gear adopts the overall transmission technology, which scientifically reduces the transmission chain and makes the transmission ratio more accurate.
  • MTW175Z has compact structure. Easy to install and adjust, can improve the efficiency
  • MTW175Z saves resources. It is the main machine, fan and powder selector as a whole using thin oil lubrication, no need to increase the lubrication station, can save costs
  • MTW175Z has a long life. Its main bearing system adopts water-cooling device can improve the service life.
  • MTW175Z powder separator has high efficiency. Its protection grade is IP54, class F insulation, and the inner cylinder of the powder separator adopts isolation mechanism, which can effectively isolate the mixed airflow powder and significantly improve the efficiency and precision of powder selection.

Honor Certificate:

  • ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
  • EU CE certification
  • Russia GOST certification
  • MTW China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
  • Environmental management system certification

Related Cases:

China Jiangxi Talc Processing Project

  • Processing material:Talc
  • Capacity:28-35T/H
  • Equipment configuration:MTW175Z

China Jiangxi talc processing plant is a senior manufacturer, has its own set of process views on the selection of the mill, they saw our patented product MTW175Z on the official website of LBY to get numerous positive comments, decided to order one as a test, did not expect the late effect is very significant. The Chinese talcum powder manufacturer said that the MTW175Z has very few failures since it started, and its production capacity is super strong, and it can also meet the environmental requirements set by the state, so it is very right to choose LBY!

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