Automatic energy-saving vertical mill to make pulverized coal is so widely used

Indonesia is a country rich in mineral resources, rich in nickel, bauxite, coal, palm oil, tin, copper and so on. Coal mines play an important role in industrial production and energy. So how to efficiently manufacture pulverized coal? The automatic energy-saving vertical mill produced by Henan LBY Heavy Industry can meet your needs very well.

automatic energy-saving vertical mill
automatic energy-saving vertical mill

The vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, and is specialized in processing non-metallic ores, pulverized coal and slag. Its footprint is 50% less than that of ball mills, and the energy consumption is also reduced by 30%-40%. The smaller footprint can bring great convenience to customers. During operation, the automatic energy-saving vertical mill directly rolls the material onto the grinding disc, and the energy consumption is very low. Because the idler roller does not directly contact the disc, the idler roller and the lining plate are of high quality and have a longer service life, which can greatly reduce the user’s troubles. Input costs. Since the hot air inside is in direct contact with the material, it also has a high drying capacity and is more energy-saving.

After the pulverized coal is manufactured, there is no need to worry about the lack of sales channels. Because of the automatic energy-saving vertical mill to make pulverized coal, the application fields are very wide, such as: pulverized coal for lime kiln, pulverized coal for lime calcination, pulverized coal for nickel iron ore, pulverized coal boiler for power plant, blast furnace injection coal, etc.

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