200 mesh LM170M Vertical Coal Mill

200 mesh LM170M Vertical Coal Mill
200 mesh LM170M Vertical Coal Mill

Model: LM170M

Price:$34927, negotiable

Whole machine weight:94T

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Size (mm): 4700×4500×8300

Feed size (mm): <42

Finished particle size: R0.08(<15%)

Materials: bentonite, granite, quartzite, iron ore, pyrochlore, dolomite, barite, river pebbles, gypsum, talc, river pebbles, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Grinding roll diameter(mm):1700
  • Coal powder moisture(mm):<1%
  • Input moisture(mm):<15%
  • Inlet air temperature(℃):<350
  • Outlet air temperature(℃):75-95

Product Description:

LM170M series is specially produced for R0.08(<15%) coal powder preparation industry. LM170M is the best choice if you want to prepare 180 mesh high quality finished coal powder. Besides, LM170M can also be used in cement, ceramics, chemical industry, power plant desulfurization, metallurgy and other industries.

Product Advantages:

What equipment is suitable for processing nickel ore?
What equipment is suitable for processing nickel ore?
  • LM170M quality is stable, the material into the grinding chamber stay time is short, will not repeat grinding.
  • LM170M has strong drying ability, the hot air in the grinding chamber is in direct contact with the material, not only has stronger drying ability, but also can save energy
  • LM170M has high efficiency, the vertical mill saves more than 35% energy than ball mill, the roller, grinding plate and liner plate use high quality wear-resistant materials, the service life is longer, effectively increase the efficiency.
  • LM170M is simple and quick to operate, with automatic control system and remote control operation, reducing the waste of human resources.
  • LM170M has low investment and operation cost, the floor space is one half of the ball mill, and can be installed outdoors to save investment cost.
  • LM170M is conducive to green environment, the whole use of sealed design, no dust spillage, low vibration, can effectively reduce noise pollution

Company Profile:

LBY has been established for more than 30 years and hundreds of sets of equipment, and numerous products have been awarded patent certificates, such as HPT Science and Technology Achievement Award, MTW China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, VSI5X Science and Technology Achievement Award, LUM Science and Technology Achievement Award and other series of products. Most of the products also have ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, EU CE certification and Russian GOST certification, making us a reliable manufacturer of top quality grinding products.

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In which industries can LM type coal powder vertical mill be used?
In which industries can LM type coal powder vertical mill be used?
  • Application:Pulverized coal boiler
  • Equipment:LM170M
  • Processing material:Coal
  • Capacity:20-25T/H
  • Feed size (mm): 30mm
  • Finished particle size: 200 mesh

LM170M was chosen by Shandong coal preparation manufacturer in China because of its low upfront operating cost as well as low investment cost. After learning more about the LM170M, which is also excellent in protecting the green environment, they quickly signed a contract with us. The Chinese Shandong coal preparation manufacturer said that the LM170M is the right choice because of its high drying efficiency, smooth hot flue gas output, high quality granule shape and long service life in the later operation.

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Most grinding products on the market have many more restrictions and drawbacks because they meet the condition of wide range of application, while the LM series mill is more specialized because it only targets the three major industries of coal powder, slag and non-metallic ore. More than 80% of customer groups in China region gradually understand that it is more efficient and less costly to find specialized equipment that can better meet the requirements of finished products instead. That’s why LM170M is only selling better and better in the market. If you are interested in the 200 mesh LM170M, welcome to leave a message to consult, if there is a local product line of our customers, we can take you to visit, we very much look forward to meeting you, thank you for watching this article, wish you a happy life!