China Supplier LM130K Vertical Mill

China Supplier LM130K Vertical Mill
China Supplier LM130K Vertical Mill

Model:LM130K Vertical Mill

Price: from $13804


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Feed size:<30mm

Finished particle size: 80-325 mesh

Working parameters:

  • Disc diameter (mm): 1300
  • Product moisture: ≤1%
  • Optimal input humidity: <4%
  • Input moisture:4-15%
  • Inlet air temperature (℃): <350
  • Out air temperature (℃): 70-95
  • Power (KW): 185-220

Related Cases:

How to get high quality 200 mesh calcium carbonate powder?

If the output requirement is around 10T/H, you can use LM130X, MTW110, MTW110Z, 5X118, TGM100, YGM130, 3R2115 and T130X produced and developed by Henan LBY Heavy Industry.All of these 8 types of mills can obtain high quality 200 mesh calcium carbonate powder. If you are interested in these 8 types of mills, you can consult the corresponding feed size and specific output of these 8 types of equipment.

Material range:

Calcium carbonate is a common substance on earth and is also known as marble, limestone or scale. Calcium carbonate is widely used, generally in metallurgy, glass, medicine, pigments and chemical industries.Calcium carbonate is mainly divided into heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate, among the heavy calcium carbonate, 95% through 200 mesh calcium carbonate can also be called monofilament powder. In Russian countries, 200 mesh monofilament powder can be used in asphalt mixing plants to effectively increase the volume of asphalt and reduce material consumption.

Company Profile:

Henan LBY Heavy Industry has developed these 8 models for production around 10T/H. The best-selling and most recommended models are MTW110Z, LM130X and MTW110.LM130X series of products are suitable for grinding ores, the feed size can be no more than 30mm, the finished size is between 80-325 mesh, and the output is between 10-30T/H, which can be adjusted according to the demand.MTW110Z size size is (mm) 6186×8041×8640, weight 15T, belongs to the small grinding equipment which is more suitable for long-distance transportation.MTW110 size size (mm) 8425×5041×8642, weight 18T, output is the same as MTW110Z, both are 3-10T/H.But because the whole weight of MTW110Z is 3T lighter than MTW110, countries that buy it remotely usually choose MTW110Z, a grinding machine.

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