HGT hydraulic gyratory crusher supply manufacturers

HGT hydraulic gyratory crusher is a new type of coarse crushing equipment with high capacity, high efficiency and intelligence, which is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies, and is in line with the international advanced gyratory crusher technology. Compared with the traditional gyratory crusher, it has higher crushing efficiency, lower operating cost, easy maintenance and adjustment, and can provide users with efficient and intelligent coarse crushing solutions with large capacity.

HGT gyratory crusher supply manufacturers
HGT gyratory crusher supply manufacturers

The HGT hydraulic gyratory crusher has a fine cavity design to ensure higher capacity, larger feed size and longer liner life; the large inclination angle and long crushing surface design, together with the optimized design of stroke and speed, make the crusher with super crushing capacity. The equipment uses super heavy-duty frame, large diameter integral spindle and high precision casting bearings, the whole machine has higher strength and longer service life, ensuring more safe and reliable continuous high intensity production. In the design, special attention is paid to the convenience of maintenance, equipped with automatic lubrication and hydraulic system. The equipment adopts automatic control system, configured with various sensors such as lubrication pressure, lubrication temperature, bearing temperature, rotating speed, spindle position, etc., and PLC and touch screen, to realize the detection and control of each link of the equipment and real-time display; and it can automatically diagnose the operation fault and record the equipment production information.

HGT hydraulic gyratory crusher, the whole consists of cross beam, upper frame, middle frame, lower frame, moving cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission part and hydraulic cylinder part. The horizontal shaft driven by motor rotates continuously. Then the horizontal shaft rotates the eccentric sleeve through the gears, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to do circular oscillation, so as to realize the crushing process.

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