GF0942(M) Feeder Stone Vibrating Feeder Mining Machinery Products Rock Vibrating Feeder

GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder

Model: Electrical System


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Capacity: 280T/H

Tank size:900×4200

Maximum feed size(mm):500

Bar length(mm):2×700


Warranty: 1 year

Place of origin: China

Application:Metallurgy, coal mine, building materials, chemical industry, abrasives and other industries

Materials:all kinds of ores and rocks with feed≤700mm.

GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder

Product Description: GF0942(M)

GF0942(M) bar feeder is a light duty bar feeder with vibrating motor as the source of excitation, designed for mobile station, semi-fixed station and small material yard.

GF0942(M) feeder is suitable for feeding jaw crusher, primary impact crusher, hammer crusher, etc. It can also be used for conveying…

Product Advantages

  1. The GF0942(M) feeder has a vibration intensity of 4.0G, real-time adjustable excitation force and low failure rate. Only need to add lubricating oil to the excitation motor every 3 months, maintenance is very convenient.
  2. GF0942(M) feeder has no shaft, sealing ring and other rotary moving parts, very suitable for mobile station.
  3. GF0942(M) feeder has the function of pre-screening, the bar adopts high drop, high rejection efficiency, high wear resistance, easy to install and replace.
  4. GF0942(M) feeder adopts rubber spring support design, large bearing capacity, long service life, smooth operation, low noise and low impact force.


GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder

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GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder

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GF0942(M) feeder is suitable for mobile station, stationary station and small yard with size less than 250TPH and bin volume less than 30m³. If you are interested in GF0942(M) Feeder Stone Vibrating Feeder Mining Machinery Products Rock Vibrating Feeder, welcome to contact our 24-hour online customer service.

GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder

After-sales service

GF0942(M) feeder is mainly composed of trough body, vibration motor, support spring, all beams and side plates are connected by high-strength twisted shear bolts, without any welded joints on the side plates, and no hidden danger of cracking on the side plates. If you buy GF0942(M) feeder equipment failure, please contact with online customer service, we will solve your problem as soon as possible, to ensure that your production without worry!

GF0942(M) Feeder
GF0942(M) Feeder



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