C6X200 Jaw Crusher Concrete Crusher Mobile Stone Crusher Rock Jaw Crusher

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

Model: C6X100


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Dimension size(mm):6500×3990×4260

Size of feed opening(mm):1500×2000

Maximum feed size (mm): 1200

Discharge opening adjustment range (mm): 175-300

Place of Origin: China

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

Product Description

C6X200 Jaw Crusher is mainly driven by motor as the power source, the pulley drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, so that the moving jaw body swings up and down.

The C6X200 Jaw Crusher has a large stroke at the bottom of the crushing chamber, strong material throughput capacity, high crushing efficiency, long service life, stable operation and so on.

Scope of application

C6X200 Jaw Crusher can crush various ores, rocks and slag which are hard, corrosive and with compressive strength not exceeding 300MPa.

C6X200 jaw crusher is generally used in refractory materials, construction, cement, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries.

Good material

  1. Front wall, back wall, movable jaw body, bearing seat – alloy cast steel material.
  2. Main shaft – forging material with higher comprehensive mechanical properties, which can withstand high impacts.
  3. Bearings and couplings-SKF, FAG, KTR and other international brands.
  4. Large side panels, front wall panels and rear wall panels are processed by gantry CNC milling.
  5. Belt-pin connection tensioning program

Product Advantage

  1. C6X200 Jaw Crusher adopts removable non-welded structure frame, avoiding welding problems and making the structure more compact and reliable.
  2. C6X200 Jaw Crusher adopts double wedge adjusting device, which makes the operation of discharge opening adjustment simpler, time-saving and safer.
  3. C6X200 Jaw Crusher adopts elastic limit shock absorber, which effectively absorbs the peak load of vibration, reduces the impact, minimizes the damage of parts and improves the service life.
  4. C6X200 Jaw Crusher adopts integrated motor base, saving installation space.

Technical Parameters

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher


C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

About Us

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

Contact us about C6X200 Jaw Crusher

C6X200 jaw crusher optimizes the crushing chamber, effectively increase the actual feed size, the capacity can reach 610-1510T/H, if you are interested in C6X200 Jaw Crusher Concrete Crusher Mobile Stone Crusher Rock Jaw Crusher, welcome to contact our online customer service.

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

After-sales service

There are 33 components in C6X200 jaw crusher, if the parts of C6X200 jaw crusher you purchased are damaged, please communicate with us technically and we will solve your problem as soon as possible to ensure that your production is worry-free!

Parts that can be solved: back wall, front wall, side wall plate, wedge block, spring, elbow plate, elbow plate pad, spring tie rod, jaw plate, support seat, vibration damping pad, gland, bracket, coupling bolts, guard plate, lifting ring, upper wedge block, flywheel, counterweight block, eccentric shaft, belt, pulley, motor, motor seat, etc.

C6X200 Jaw Crusher
C6X200 Jaw Crusher

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