Power Saving C6X125 Jaw Crusher High Capacity Limestone Bauxite Jaw Crusher

C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher



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Inlet size(mm):950×1250

Maximum feed size(mm): 800

Discharge port adjustment range (mm): 100-250

Size (mm): 4100×2750×2780

Material: various ores with compressive strength not exceeding 300MPa

Warranty: 1 year

Place of origin: China

Transportation: standard container

C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher

Product Description

C6X125 Jaw Crusher can crush hard and corrosive ores and rocks, suitable for medium and coarse crushing needs, and can crush various rocks, ores, slag and other materials with compressive strength up to 300MPa. The C6X125 jaw crusher is composed of the frame body assembly, jaw mounting assembly, movable jaw assembly, wheel assembly, adjusting device assembly, drive tensioning assembly, foot mounting assembly, feed hopper and protective cover. It is generally used in refractory, chemical, cement, metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries.

Product Advantages

  • The C6X125 jaw crusher increases the actual feed size to 950×1250, combined with the large stroke and elbow plate inclination design, which makes the stroke at the bottom of the crushing cavity bigger, with stronger material throughput capacity and higher crushing efficiency
  • The C6X125 Jaw Crusher is designed with separate side walls and front and rear walls, and the welded frame is fixed by bolting, making the structure more compact and reliable.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher adopts wedge adjustment instead of pad adjustment, and can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically according to the demand, which makes the operation more simple, time saving and safe.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher adopts elastic limit block and rubber shock absorbing instead of rigid foot connection, which can effectively absorb the peak vibration load, reduce the impact of the crusher, reduce the damage of parts and improve the service life.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher motor base is fixed to the crusher, saving installation space.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher pin hinged belt tensioning scheme makes the power transmission more stable and easy to adjust.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher front wall, back wall, jaw body and bearing seat are made of alloy cast steel, and the main shaft is made of forgings with higher comprehensive mechanical properties, which can withstand higher impact force.
  • C6X125 jaw crusher uses SKF, FAG, KTR and other international brand bearings and couplings, and the large side plate, front wall plate and rear wall plate are machined by gantry CNC milling.

Technical parameters

C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher


C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher

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C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher

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C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher

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C6X125 Jaw Crusher
C6X125 Jaw Crusher

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