Large high production 5X268 European version intelligent mill


Model: 5X268 European version intelligent mill

Price:$7900, negotiable

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Feed size (mm): <50

Finished particle size: 18-325 mesh

Materials: potassium feldspar, limestone, iron oxide red, limestone, gold ore, calcite, quicklime, iron ore, dolomite, bauxite, petroleum coke, barite, talc, coal, bentonite, gypsum, calcium carbonate, etc.

Address: China-Henan Province-Zhengzhou-High-tech District-Science Avenue No.169

Working parameters-detail:

  • Power of main mill (KW): 560-630
  • Blower power (KW): 560-630
  • Analysis machine power (KW): 90-110

Product Description:

5X268 European version intelligent mill is a large capacity mill in 5x series European intelligent mill, with a capacity of 35-80T/H, which is a very high capacity grinding equipment. 5X268 is a vertical structure, mainly composed of main machine, fan, powder separator, dust collector, powder collector, pipeline, motor and other equipment, which can be widely used in large non-metallic ore powder making, building materials, chemical industry, solid fuel grinding, metallurgy, power plant environmental protection limestone desulfurization and other industries. Power plant environmental protection limestone desulfurization and other industries. If you are interested in 5X268, welcome to click the picture to communicate with us on WhatsAPP.

Product advantages:

Low energy consumption 5X118 pendulum roller grinding mill

  • 5X268 European version intelligent mill can realize the function of silent environmental protection, its worm shell adopts the new non-damage elastic shock absorption structure technology, combined with the powder collector and pulse dust removal device, can realize no dust spillage and no noise pollution from the root.
  • The large output of 5X268 is due to the design of large space grinding chamber and wind power system without resistance, combined with real-time monitoring system, which can make the operation of the equipment more stable.
  • The 5X268 grinding rollers use the new mesh type grinding roller suspension bridge design, which increases the bearing capacity of the grinding rollers.
  • The 5X268 shovel and runway use double-layer wear plates, which can increase the service life of the equipment.
  • 5X268 European version intelligent mill spindle drive system, powder selector and grinding roller assembly all use thin oil lubrication, long oil change cycle, saving cost
  • 5X268 powder selector adopts cage structure, the finished product size can be adjusted at will, simple operation and high precision of powder selection

Company Profile:

LBY was founded in 1987 and has been successfully serving more than 170 countries and regions for more than 30 years by setting up international service outlets in Russia, India and the United Arab Emirates. We sell products with hundreds of millions of profit every year, and the products we sell contain CE certification and environmental management system certification and have a long service life. Our company mainly produces crushers, grinding mills, sand mills, mobile crushing plants, ancillary equipment, if you are interested in our company’s products, welcome to click on the picture to communicate with us on WhatsAPP to chat.


  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • EU CE certification
  • Russia GOST certification
  • Environmental Management System Certificate
  • China Top 200 Building Material Enterprises
  • National Green Factory
  • China Zhengzhou Science Association System Advanced Collective

Related Cases:

Denmark 325 mesh iron oxide red powder preparation project

Intelligent silent version 5X series European version intelligent mill
Intelligent silent version 5X series European version intelligent mill
  • Equipment used: 5X268 European version intelligent mill
  • Application industry:ceramic coating
  • Capacity:40T/H
  • Raw material: iron oxide red
  • Finished product particle size: 325 mesh

Denmark country ceramic industry ranked in the world’s top ten, their local small stores need very high demand of ceramic coating, the whole country’s coating demand is also very big. According to the local situation, Denmark bought 5X268 European version intelligent mill from our company. During the later use, 5X268 European version intelligent mill has no dust and noise pollution, and always exceeds the output, and the thin oil lubrication is also very trouble-free, which is a very good grinding equipment.

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With more than 30 years of continuous efforts, our company has successfully expanded 6 industrial chain production bases covering 1.2 million square meters and has a very good reputation in the industry. The products sold out all meet the requirements of green environment protection, which can effectively increase GDP and protect the environment at the same time. If you read the above profile and are interested in 5X268 European version intelligent mill, welcome to leave a comment section, we will answer all your questions, look forward to your message, thank you for watching and have a nice life!