5X158 European version intelligent grinding mill for sale

5X158 European version intelligent grinding mill for sale
5X158 European version intelligent grinding mill for sale

Model: 5X158



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Feed size(mm): <30

Finished particle size: 18-325 mesh

Materials: potassium feldspar, dolomite, marble, limestone, iron ore, petroleum coke, gypsum, bentonite, calcium carbonate, bauxite, gold ore, etc.

Working parameters-details:

  • Power of main mill (KW): 132-160
  • Blower power (KW): 132-160
  • Classifier power (KW): 22-30

Product Description:

5X158 can be used in chemical, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industries, its shovel, runway and grinding roller ring and other important parts are new special structure, can effectively improve the grinding area, efficiency and production problems, is a low energy consumption and environmental protection quality products.

Product Advantages:

  • 5X158 increase the grinding chamber space, effectively increase the output
  • 5X158 wind system without resistance, multi-directional real-time monitoring system, intelligent and safe operation
  • 5X158 incorporates the market’s new non-damaging elastic shock absorption design into the worm shell, solving the excessive vibration problem from the root
  • 5X158’s transmission system all adopt thin oil lubrication, long oil change cycle, reduce the loss of manpower and material resources
  • 5X158’s powder selector adopts cage structure, which effectively improves the precision of powder selection and ensures that the fineness of the finished product is more than 95% in line with customer requirements.

Company Profile:

LBY was established in 1987, and its leading products include more than 40 kinds of construction crushing, industrial powder making, green building and mining crushing. lBY has six equipment industrial parks covering 1.2 million square meters of industrial chain production base.

Honor Certificate:

  • Have the intellectual property management system certification
  • With the EU CE certification
  • Customs Union CU-TR certification
  • ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
  • National machinery industry class A design unit
  • The director unit of China Heavy Machinery Industry Survey and Design Association

Related Cases:

China Liaoning 15T/H Petroleum Coke Grinding Line Configuration

  • Application: Float glass fuel
  • Equipment:5X158
  • Processing material:petroleum coke
  • Production capacity:13-15T/H
  • Input size:3mm
  • Output size: 200 mesh, D95

LBY’s design team recommended the 5X158 mill for the Liaoning petroleum coke plant based on the local environment and climate and the material base. Later, the company said that the mill produced by LBY has good quality, long service life, high precision of powder output, and the key is to ensure environmental safety, so it is a very trustworthy company.

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