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What mill do you choose to grind gypsum in Ecuador?
What mill do you choose to grind gypsum in Ecuador?

Model: 3R3016 Raymond Mill

Price: $4246, negotiable

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Feed size (mm): 15-20

Finished particle size: 90-325 mesh

Material: barite, talc, gypsum, bentonite, calcium carbonate, calcite, limestone, pyrophyllite, quartzite, etc.

Address: China-Henan Province-Zhengzhou-High-tech District-Science Avenue No. 169

Working parameters-details:

  • Number of grinding rollers: 3
  • Grinding roller diameter (mm): 300
  • Grinding roller height(mm):160
  • Inner diameter of grinding ring(mm):880
  • Height of grinding ring(mm):160
  • Host power (KW): 30

Product Description:

3R3016 Raymond Mill complete set structure consists of main machine, analyzer, blower, analyzer, jaw crusher, elevator, feeder, electric control machine, etc. It can be widely used in non-metallic mining, ceramics, power plant desulfurization, coal, cement and other industries. 3R3016 mechanism is special, different mesh requirements correspond to different output. 90-100 mesh output is 2.6-3.2T/H, 200 mesh output is 1.9-2.6T/H, 325 mesh is 1-1.9 T/H. If you are interested in 3R3016, click on the picture to enjoy communication. If you are interested in 3R3016, please click the picture to communicate with us happily on WhatsAPP!

Product advantages:

Is it good to use Raymond mill for azurite in Chile?
Is it good to use Raymond mill for azurite in Chile?
  • 3R3016 Raymond Mill systemic, small footprint, from the rough processing of raw materials to finished products packaging, can be independent and self-contained system
  • 3R3016 core components are made of high wear-resistant materials, which can reduce wear and tear and increase service life.
  • 3R3016 host transmission device adopts closed wheel box and pulley, smooth transmission, can ensure the stability of product operation
  • 3R3016 electrical system adopts the concept of centralized control, which can realize unmanned operation in the workshop and reduce labor consumption.
  • 3R3016 dust spill less and low noise, in line with national green environmental protection requirements, and the finished product size through the sieve rate is high

Company Profile:

LBY was established in 1987, the central part is set up in Henan Province, China. For more than 30 years, we have produced 689 sets of process equipment, have received nearly 300 honorary certificates, and are an advanced group of standardization work in mining machinery industry. These 30 years, we continue to learn from the excellent technology experience, to complement the shortcomings, we sell out the product feedback is very good, has successfully served more than 170 countries and regions. Nowadays, we have expanded 6 industrial chain production bases, covering an area of 1.2 million square meters, and we are the leader of China’s machinery industry. If you are interested in our company, you are welcome to click on the picture to communicate with us on WhatsAPP.

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UAE limestone preparation project

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How to choose a high quality Raymond mill in Bolivia?
  • Equipment used: 3R3016 Raymond Mill
  • Raw material:Limestone
  • Application scope: building materials
  • Capacity:15T/H
  • Feed size:19mm
  • Finished particle size:325 mesh

China and the UAE have frequent diplomatic relations and very friendly relations, and our company has also set up international service outlets in the UAE countries. This cooperation, the UAE countries choose our 3R3016 Raymond Mill, which has a very small footprint and a complete production system, and has a large output, which is the best choice for grinding limestone powder.

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3R3016 Raymond Mill belongs to small superfine powder equipment, which is one of Raymond mill. This equipment has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, EU CE certification, Russian GOST certification and environmental management system certification certificate. Our company is one of the top 200 building materials enterprises in China, and the quality of our crushers, mills, sand mills and mobile crushing plants are very good. If you are interested in 3R3016 Raymond Mill, please trust our expertise, as long as you leave a comment section, we will answer all your questions, looking forward to your message, thank you for watching, wish you a happy life!